Konstantinos Dassios

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Phone: +30 26510 0 9010
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Office: A.05, DMSE building

Konstantinos Dassios

Assistant Professor

Konstantinos received a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Patras, Greece in 1996. He then attended Chemical Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where he received a M.Sc. in Atmospheric Pollution in 1998. He later moved to The Netherlands, where he did his PhD on the Fracture Behaviour of Ceramic Matrix Composites, at the Institute for Advanced Materials (now Institute for Energy and Transport) of the European Commission.

He has served as collaborating staff member for the graduate Educational Program on Quality Assurance of the Hellenic Open University. He has supervised 15 Master theses under the same program. He has teached as Lecturer under contract in the Dept. of Materials Science of the University of Patras, Greece and as Professor under contract in the Technical Educational Institute of Patras, Greece.

He has been honored by the Greek Scholarships Foundation for achieving second-place entry in the Department of Chemical Engineering of the University of Patras during the 1991 National University Entrance Examinations. He has been awarded several graduate and post-doctoral scholarships from institutions such as Carnegie Mellon University in USA, Directorate General JRC of the European Commission in The Netherlands and Foundation for Research and Technology in Greece. In 2003, his publication entitled "Direct In Situ Measurements of Bridging Stresses in CFCCs" (Acta Materialia, 51, pp5359-5373) ranked second in the European contest “Best Publications of 2003” within the Research Institutes of the European Commission.

He is a member of the European Society for Composite Materials, of the American Ceramic Society and of the Technical Chamber of Greece.

He is a peer reviewer for many scientific journals including Nature Scientific Reports, Carbon, IOP Nanotechnology and Journal of the American Ceramic Society and Associate Editor in Advanced Composites Letters.

Research Interests

Konstantinos has built expertise in various aspects of composite materials research, including Raman and fluorescence microscopies for in situ measurement of stress in ceramic matrix composites, micromechanics of reinforcement, processing of advanced composites and mechanical characterization of monofilaments and fiber bundles in conventional and high temperatures. His current research interests include:

  • Design, synthesis and applications of novel materials based on carbon nanotubes
  • Processing and mechanical properties of ceramic matrix nanocomposites
  • Fracture behaviour and residual stresses of ceramic matrix composites
  • Development of novel cement-based nanocomposite for next-generation structures

Selected Publications

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